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Purchase SEC-qualified fractional shares backed by historic blue chip masterpieces.
"Rebel Without a Cause (1985)" by Andy Warhol
"Double Mickey (1981)" by Andy Warhol
"Mick Jagger (1967)" by Andy Warhol
"Rebel Without a Cause (1985)" by Andy Warhol
"Marilyn (1967)" by Andy Warhol
"Mick Jagger (1967)" by Andy Warhol
"Marilyn (1967)" by Andy Warhol
"Double Mickey (1981)" by Andy Warhol
"Mick Jagger (1967)" by Andy Warhol
"Rebel Without a Cause (1985)" by Andy Warhol
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How Freeport works

  • Marilyn (1967) by Andy Warhol
  • Marilyn (1967) by Andy Warhol
  • Marilyn (1967) by Andy Warhol

Start with the artwork. Browse our carefully curated selection of authentic fine art pieces and find the one that speaks to you.

Invest in shares. Buy shares in the artwork at a price you can afford and start building your art investment portfolio today.

Get paid when assets are resold. Shares can also be traded once we establish a licensed secondary market.

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Major artwork investing.
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Discover the potential benefits of investing in fractionalized fine art with annualized returns consistently outperforming the S&P since 2000.

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Since January 2000 the Artprice100© has consistently outperformed the S&P, especially during down markets.

Past performance does not guarantee future results

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"Marilyn (1967)" by Andy Warhol

Expertly curated art with proven origins.

Each artwork in our collection comes with detailed information about its sourcing. Browse our selection with confidence, knowing that each piece has been carefully vetted for authenticity and quality.

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Display iconic art in your own digital gallery

Collecting comes to life on Freeport. Once you’ve made an investment, you can add the art to your own 3D gallery - and share it with friends. You can also connect a wallet to view your favorite NFTs.

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Be a part of our first Warhol collection

Access some of the most iconic pieces from the king of American pop art culture

"Rebel Without a Cause (1985)" by Andy Warhol

Fine art investing meets new age collecting

Freeport shares are issued under Reg A, providing equity ownership that’s backed by valuable fine art. They’re also represented by tokens on the Ethereum blockchain - paving the way for enhanced utility as the technology evolves.

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