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Introducing our iconic collection of Warhols

Andy Warhol

Limited Availability

Marilyn (1967)

Perhaps the most famous and recognizable subject of Andy Warhol’s works, this classically elegant Marilyn is a 36”x36” screen print that was signed by the artist in pencil and stamped with edition #81/250 on the reverse. It was sourced from the collection of legendary Warhol superstar, Jane Holzer.

Starting under $600 per lot. 1,000 lots in total.

Andy Warhol

Limited Availability

Double Mickey (1981)

Double Mickey is an exceedingly rare 30 ½” x 43” screen print in color with scintillating diamond dust on Arches 88 paper. Number 3 of 25 ever produced, with each print in the series presenting uniquely based on its colorway. Signed and numbered on the reverse. Sourced from the collection of Michael Haber.

Starting under $860 per lot. 1,000 lots available.

Andy Warhol

Unique Edition

Mick Jagger (1975)

This Mick Jagger is a 43 ½” x 29” screen print on Arches Aquarelle paper, with exceptionally strong signatures by both Andy Warhol on the lower right and by the iconic Mick Jagger on the lower left. It is an unusually rare unique limited edition separate from the original 250, with the words “Merry Christmas Bob Dennison” written on the reverse. It was gifted directly from Bob Dennison to Jane Holzer, from whom it was sourced.

Starting under $250 per lot. 1,000 lots available.

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1,000 lots available per piece.

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