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Andy Warhol's Double Mickey
Andy Warhol's Double Mickey (angle)
Andy Warhol's Double Mickey (display)
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Double Mickey, 1981

Andy Warhol

Double Mickey is an exceedingly rare 30 ½” x 43” screen print in color with scintillating diamond dust on Arches 88 paper. Number 3 of 25 ever produced, with each print in the series presenting uniquely based on its colorway. Signed and numbered on the reverse. Sourced from the collection of legendary Warhol superstar, Jane Holzer.


"Double Mickey Mouse" hails from the personal collection of esteemed Warhol collector and art dealer, Michael Haber. Appraised by a member of the International Society of Appraisers, this extraordinary artwork stands as a testament to the magnetic charm of both Mickey Mouse and Andy Warhol.


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In 1981, Andy Warhol immortalized Mickey Mouse in "Double Mickey Mouse," a captivating artwork featuring two overlapping images of the beloved character, rendered in bold, luminous colors that epitomize Warhol's iconic style.To create this piece, Warhol meticulously hand-drew Mickey Mouse, using a stencil-like screen stretched over a mesh frame.

Each color demanded a separate screen, as Warhol skillfully forced ink through the screen onto canvas or paper. The result is a stunning series of 25 unique color screen prints, adorned with a diamond dust coating.

Our piece, numbered #3/25, bears the artist's signature. "Double Mickey Mouse" prints are incredibly rare gems on the market, and we are honored to present one as a crowning jewel in our inaugural collection.

The Double Mickey Mouse print is part of Freeport's first offered collection, celebrating pop culture icons through the lens of Andy Warhol. Alongside "Rebel Without a Cause," "Jagger," and "Marilyn," "Double Mickey Mouse" weaves a rich narrative of the most influential pop culture symbols during Warhol's lifetime.