Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Freeport and fractionalized ownership.

How do you keep my data safe?

Why is Freeport different?

How does Freeport make money?

What is "Fractionalized ownership" or "Fractional shares"?

How does Freeport work?

What does Freeport do?

Account Verification

How getting your account approved works

Why do I need to fill in this personal information, and is it secure?

Why is my verifying my identity taking so long?


How we source, sell, store, insure and think about the artwork

What is Freeport’s process and artwork selection criteria?

How long is the physical artwork held before it is sold?

How is the artwork determined to be real/valuable?

Is the physical artwork insured?

Where is the physical artwork housed?

Why is the art market a viable asset class to invest in?

What are the historical returns of artwork?


Important to know info about investing in fractionalized art

How long after I pay will I receive my shares?

Who legally has ownership of their art pieces?

What happens if an offering does not sell out?

How can I track the performance of my art piece?

What tax information should I expect to receive and when will I receive it?

Does investment in a particular series give me rights to any other offerings on Freeport?

What are the risks associated with an investment in Freeport artwork?

What exactly do I get when I invest?

What's the minimum investment?

What is the maximum number of shares I can purchase in each piece of artwork?

What are the fees associated with Freeport?

Who can invest in Freeport?

What happens if Freeport goes out of business?

How do Freeport offerings become securities?


How to sell your shares on Freeport

Will I be able to sell my shares prior to Freeport selling the physical artwork?

What is the Freeport Secondary Market?


How Freeport uses Ethereum

Why don’t I see 10,000 pieces of artwork on Etherscan?

What happens if I lose access to my Freeport tokens or my wallet that houses my tokens?

Which blockchain is Freeport using?

Can an investor withdraw tokens to a self-custodied wallet?

When will my tokens show up in my non-custodial wallet?

What are the benefits of the tokens living on the blockchain?

How can I ensure my investment is safe if you’re utilizing a new technology?

What is blockchain technology?